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Kanguva – Glimpse | Suriya, Disha Patani | Devi Sri Prasad | Siva | Studio Green | UV Creations

Studio Green K.E. Gnanavelraja, in association with UV Creations Vamsi-Pramod, presents the highly anticipated movie ‘Kanguva,’ directed by Siva. The team recently unveiled the promo teaser in 6 languages on a grand scale.

Movie Credits: Starring: Suriya, Disha Patani & Others Director: Siva Director of Photography: Vetri Palanisamy Music: ‘Rockstar’ Devi Sri Prasad Art: Milan Editor: Nishad Yusuf Action: Supreme Sundar Dialogues: Madan Karky Writer: Adi Narayana Lyrics: Viveka – Madan Karky Recording Engineer: Lawrence Vishnu (Sound and Vision Studios Pvt Ltd) Chief Co-Director: R. Rajasekar Costume Designer: Anu Vardhan (Suriya), Dhatsha Pillai Costumes: Rajan Makeup: Serina (Suriya), Kuppusamy Special Makeup: Ranjith Ambadi ADR: Vignesh Guru Choreography: Shobi – Prem Rakshith Sound Design: T Udhayakumar Stills: C.H. Balu Publicity Design: Kabilan Chelliah Colorist: K S Rajasekaran (Igene) VFX: Harihara Suthan Co-Directors: Hemachandraprabhu – Thirumalai Associate Director: S Kannan – R Thilipan – Rajaram – S Nagendran Production Controller: R.S. Sureshmaniyan Production Executive: Rama Doss Production Coordination: EV Dinesh Kumar PRO: Suresh Chandra & Rekha D’One Digital Partner: Mango Mass Media Pvt Ltd Digital Promotions: Digitally & Whacked Out Media Creative Promotions: BeatRoute Executive Producer: A.G. Raja Studio Green CEO: G. Dhananjeyan Co-Producer: Neha Gnanavelraja Produced by: K.E. Gnanavelraja | Vamsi-Pramod Banner: Studio Green | UV Creations

The movie boasts an impressive star cast and talented crew, including ‘Rockstar’ Devi Sri Prasad as the music composer. The story promises to be captivating, supported by Madan Karky’s engaging dialogues and Viveka – Madan Karky’s meaningful lyrics.

The movie is being released in multiple languages, with a stellar vocal cast lending their voices for the songs in each version. From the energetic rendition by Devi Sri Prasad in Tamil and English to the soulful performances in Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, and Hindi, the music is sure to strike a chord with audiences across the country.

With such an incredible team and an intriguing promo teaser, ‘Kanguva’ has set the stage for an exciting cinematic experience. The film is produced under the banners of Studio Green and UV Creations, ensuring a high-quality production that fans can’t wait to witness.

Label: Saregama India Limited, A RPSG Group Company, is in charge of the music distribution, adding even more prestige to this much-awaited project. Get ready to be enthralled by the magic of ‘Kanguva’ as it hits the screens in multiple languages, taking the audience on a thrilling ride of emotions and entertainment.

Chinese soon to be Mother’s Thai Routine into late pregnancy

A pregnant woman, eight and a half months into her term, has sparked interest with her daily sparring in Muay Thai in China. The video was filmed in the city of Linyi in Shandong Province on June 26. The woman, identified as Ms Wu, is a Muay Thai instructor who has been teaching the sport for over three years. Wu explained that her husband, too, is a professional fighter. From the time before she was pregnant to now, nearly nine months into her pregnancy, she has continued her daily Muay Thai sparring sessions with her husband. The baby and her body, she said, have adapted to the high-intensity combat sport. Common symptoms of pregnancy such as stretch marks, pubic bone pain, and swelling of hands and feet have not surfaced. The committed Muay Thai instructor did her due diligence before continuing with her rigorous exercise routine. She consulted with medical professionals who advised her that boxing exercises wouldn’t greatly impact the baby. They explained that moderate exercise could even aid in delivery, though they warned against individuals without a fitness foundation attempting such practices. The video was provided by local media with permission. See less