Video: Unveiling the Emotions Behind the Arrival of ‘Kleenkara Konidela’

On July 20, Mega Power Star Ram Charan and Upasana delightedly shared a heartwarming video commemorating the one-month milestone of their daughter, Kleenkara’s birth on June 20. The touching video showcases the presence of Megastar Chiranjeevi, his wife Surekha Konidela, and Upasana’s parents, Shobha Kamineni and Anil Kamineni, as the entire family celebrates the joyous arrival of their newest member.

Arrival of ‘Kleenkara Konidela’

The heartwarming video not only captures the emotional journey leading to Kleenkara’s birth but also unveils the touching reason behind her unique name, inspired by the Dravidian culture of the Chenchu tribe in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, and Odisha.

Ram Charan openly shares his overwhelming happiness and joy upon witnessing the baby’s arrival. The couple’s desire was for Kleenkara to embrace her Dravidian heritage without any labels attached to her name, emphasizing the importance of allowing her to carve her path and cherish every moment in life.

Talented filmmaker Joseph Pratanik directed and produced this special video, which has now become a viral sensation on social media.

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