ameesha says she shares father daughter relationship with gadar maker anil sharma we block each other 001

Ameesha Patel Reveals Ongoing Social Media Conflict with ‘Gadar’ Director Anil Sharma Weeks After Non-Payment Accusation

Ameesha Patel, known for her role as Sakeena in ‘Gadar 2’, sheds light on her unique connection with director Anil Sharma. Despite the non-payment controversy surrounding the film, Ameesha reveals that she shares a special bond with Sharma, often resorting to social media blocks and conflicts. Learn more about their fascinating relationship and the challenges they faced during the making of ‘Gadar 2’, set to release on August 11.

Akshay Kumar flop movies

Akshay Kumar Filmography

Akshay Kumar, the versatile Indian naturalized Canadian actor, has had an illustrious career in Hindi-language films. He started with a minor role in the 1987 movie “Aaj” and later made his leading debut in “Saugandh” (1991). However, it was the suspenseful thriller “Khiladi” (1992) that catapulted him to fame, laying the foundation for the popular Khiladi film series.

Raquel Leviss relationship

Raquel Leviss Net Worth: A Journey of Success

Explore the remarkable journey of Raquel Leviss, the internet personality, as she conquers the worlds of modeling, acting, and beauty business. With an estimated net worth of $35 million in 2023, Raquel’s rise to success is fueled by her passion, talent, and social media popularity. Delve into her inspiring story and how she transformed her career into a thriving empire

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Shakira & Lewis Hamilton: Early Stages of Fun and Flirty Dating

Shakira and Lewis Hamilton’s romance is gaining attention after a series of public outings. In the early stages of their relationship, they’re getting to know each other and keeping things fun and flirty. The Colombian singer attended the F1 Spanish Grand Prix where Hamilton, the Formula One driver, competed. Later, they hung out with friends in Miami, following Shakira’s Woman of the Year award at the Latin Women in Music gala, where she expressed her empowerment as a woman.

here find out janhvi kapoors pyaar in an adorable video

Janhvi Kapoor’s Adorable Dogs Steal Hearts in Heartwarming Video

Bollywood sensation Janhvi Kapoor melts hearts as she shares an adorable video playing with her beloved dogs. The internet is abuzz with affectionate reactions as fans witness the heartwarming bond between Janhvi and her furry friends. With a radiant smile and genuine affection, the rising star showcases the joy pets bring into our lives. The lavish background of her house adds a touch of elegance to the endearing video, leaving fans enamored with the glamorous world of a Bollywood icon.